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Due Diligences

Digital Due Diligences

Our Digital Due Diligences are a set of brief, focused and modular assessments to deliver a powerful, informed and articulated business insight into complex subjects with a maximum leverage over time and costs.


Initially developed to serve the M&A and PE/VC industries, they rely on well-tested and polished professional diagnostic practices and methodologies, refined over hundreds of cases.


They are executed across multiple technical modules, each executed by our selected experts per field, designers, architects and engineers, then coordinated, integrated and consolidated in a comprehensive business recommendation by our digital strategists.


Analytics rely on framed questionnaires delivered through our online auditing platform, leveraging on targets and clients time to supply accurate data, template-based technical reports, to concentrate our experts focus on the case specificities and difficulties, while ensuring the basics are properly checked.


They can be purchased as 360 audits to provide a high-level management overview, or as deep dive audits over a technical topic.


They are affordable, quick and easy to be framed up by the requester.


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