Dashboard 2 Action

Dashboard 2 Action

Our Dashboard 2 Action is a powerful startup & SMB steering solution made of pyramidal dashboards of financial, operational and commercial KPIs to deliver reliable, baked and designed-to-action business data and inform monthly management meetings to make decisions with speed and accuracy.


Initially developed to serve the portfolio companies of PE/VC industries, they rely on well-tested and polished professional practices and methodologies, leading and coaching boards and management teams into high quality decision making.


The dashboards and reporting templates are first customized by our CFO-BI experts according to the company specific business model. Our data scientists and engineers, will then integrate and secure the data feeds from multiple sources.


Dashboard 2 Action implementation leads to a continuous improvement process throughout its repeated monthly deliveries, both in Data Analytics quality and business decisions impact.


Our teams will support the internal business and IT users throughout the delivery process, and our CFO-BI professionals can remotely supervise and enhance the deliverables upon management demand.

The solution is provided on a cloud platform via a monthly subscription.

Our digital and remote operational teams make it very affordable, quick, easy to set up and execute.

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