The Digital Factory

The Digital Factory

Our sister company, The Digital Factory co-creates, co-design make, deliver and continuously improve your digital products & services.

After 20 years of digital transformation experience, mainly developed with startups and PE/VC portfolio companies, we have designed fast-forward methodology to smoothly deploy digital business culture into organizations.


We offer a one-stop-shop to your complete digitalization, and deliver your own and dedicated digital factory. Our cross-disciplinary teams address:

  • Value Proposition (strategic goals & plan)

  • Customer Success

  • Product Design

  • Software Development

  • Integration Services

  • Upscale & Manage

With international teams located in digital hubs, France, China, Israel, Serbia and Ukraine, The Digital Factory leverages on the highest quality resources for affordable, agile and impactful services.

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Strategic Consulting Firm - since 2003

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Paris - Shanghai - Tel Aviv - Belgrade - Kiev