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360 IT

02. Due Diligences

360 IT Content and Workplan


  1. IT management

    • Business alignment

    • Governance, CIO role

    • Organization chart

    • Management and key resources

    • Business partners and key contracts

    • Budgets

  2. Applications review

    • Business scope

    • Business and technologies capabilities

    • App architecture and inventory

    • Software vendors and technologies

    • Maintenance and evolutions solutions

  3. Infrastructure

    • Datacenter

    • Network, telecom

    • Cybersecurity

    • IT operations

    • User services

18 Years of Practice

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  • Assessing the current state of IT systems, infrastructure, services and people,

  • Benchmarking CIO management performance vs best practices,

  • Identifying / evaluating technology challenges, risks and opportunities,

  • Outline roadmaps and scenarios supporting future business plans


  • Align vision on IT and technology contribution to your business challenges

  • Assess current performance and maturity of IT organization, management

  • Review and assess technology stack and inventory 

  • Identify challenges and evaluate roadblocks

  • Set expectations: size, trend, speed


  • Finance, Operations & Supply Chain business analysts and architects

  • Application design, development and delivery engineers

  • Enterprise, system, technology and data architects

  • Infrastructure, DevOps and Cybersecurity architects

  • Agile development, PM and collaboration managers

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