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Digital Strategy

Context / Goals :

  • Strategic and commercial due diligences, in software, technology, digital businesses

  • Context of pre-investment or acquisition, post-acquisition and/or transformation,

  • Pre-fund raising, exit: build business case, valuation and strategic info-memo,

  • Yearly strategic planning: clarify 1-3yrs roadmaps, management and business plans

Benefits :

  • Assess, benchmark the commercial offer, business model and competitive positioning,

  • Evaluate the USP and Value Prop sustainability given market and tech dynamics,

  • Review the installed base, evaluate the commercial performance, customer data trends,

  • Review and assess R&D capabilities, key technology stack and position vs competition

  • Assess the organization, operations and management challenges, evaluate roadblocks

  • Challenge the business plans, stress-tests risk scenarios, appreciate value

  • Set expectations: growth, dynamics, business plans, performance

Architects / Experts involved,
per module :

  • Sales & Marketing, Product Management business analysts and architects

  • Software, Technology, R&D business analysts and architects 

  • Application design, development and delivery engineers

  • Infrastructure, DevOps and Cybersecurity architects

Digital Strategy Content and Workplan

  1. Strategy

    • Strategic business stories

    • Target Strategic Market Segments

    • Product portfolio and trends

    • Commercial value proposition

    • Competitive positioning

    • Technology USP and differentiation

  2. Execution

    • Operations and management

    • Performance review

    • Structure and organization

    • Process and IT

    • Sales & Marketing

    • Product management

    • R&D

    • Operations and client support services

    • Reputational audit (blind clients survey, reference cross-check)

  3. Technology

    • R&D

    • Technologies inventory

    • Architecture

    • Roadmap

    • Management

  4. Plan

    • Business plan, assumptions review

    • Investment thesis

  5. Valuation

    • Stress-test and risks assessment

    • Financial evaluation

18 Years of Practice

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